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Administration is probably not your favorite thing to do. Unless it is your daily work of course. With CoManage Starter or CoManage StarterPlus you can easily put your daily administration in order. Invoices and offers are sent out easily and professionally and you always have your customer data at hand. If you want, you can even register your hours with CoManage.

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I stumbled upon CoManage by accident on a Saturday afternoon, when I was looking for the ideal program for our newly established company. When I wanted to test the so-called "chat support", I realized that there was actually someone from support behind the screen to answer my additional questions. I hadn't seen this before with other software developers, especially on weekends. Wherever I am, any time of the day, I can ask for help and get an immediate response or solution. CoManage offers exactly what I need to translate the core activities of my company into concrete actions. it is very intuitive and easy to use. I couldn't have made a better choice! Today I use time registration, Project Management, invoicing, quotations and costs. Perfect for a start-up company in the business services.

Julie Alloncius

wonderful program to work with. the helpdesk is also very accessible and responds quickly. in 1 word TOP!

Jeroen Oostveen

I am very satisfied with Comanage. Since my company is not that big in terms of turnover, I can always count on your support with questions or problems. Thank you! Kind regards, Clean Complete

Clean Complete

Very satisfied with comanage! In the meantime, our program to carry out quotations and invoicing has been going on for more than 2.5 years. The chat application is not only easy, but you also get a clear explanation very quickly how you can get things done.
Satisfied customer,
Sbs-Pro roof & joinery

Bjorn Seuntjens

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Professional invoices in a snap

Whether it's at the end of the month or weekly. You will have your invoices out in no time. With the template you choose and your own style and logo, they look instantly professional.


Quotations sent quickly

The same evening after your conversation, you can quickly and easily send out a professional quotation. The faster the quotation is out the door, the sooner you will know whether you have landed that order.

Razendsnel klantgegevens opzoeken in je CRM

All customer data conveniently together

Not only all your customers' contact information conveniently together, but also the corresponding notes and invoices/quotes conveniently arranged in one customer sheet.

CoManage invoices  

Functionalities for freelancers

With CoManage you have a collection of tools which make your life as a freelancers easier:

Blog posts for freelancers

How do I create an invoice?

Invoicing in particular and administration in general is seen by many entrepreneurs and freelancers as something that takes loads of time. It needs to be done, but unfortunately there is usually no time for it. Entrepreneurs who consider making invoices a waste of time put it off until the end of the week or month. Sin, because as we show here you can easily and quickly create a new invoice in 3 steps with CoManage.

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Which is the best customer database program?

You can create a customer database with a lot of different types of programs . Some of them are more suitable than others.

But let's be honest. The only thing you are interested in is: which is the best solution for your business? What is the best customer database program or software? As a startup, you do not have the time explore all options and compare them. But here we are. Eager to help you make the best choice.

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5 quotation follow-up emails that work

Email is the ideal way to follow up on quotations. Instead of struggling with writing them, you can copy our 5 proven email templates. Adapt them to your needs, send them out, and watch your approval rate skyrocket.

You can use the examples in CoManage as your quotation follow up as well. The first 14 days are free!

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