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CoManage AI

Discover the possibilities of Chat-GPT

CoManage has developed a Chat-GPT integration to assist you in generating product descriptions, rewriting texts, translating content, drafting email templates, and writing your terms and conditions.

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  • generating product descriptions with AI

  • translations done by AI

  • improving texts through AI

  • email messages written by AI

  • terms and conditions written with AI


Thanks to CoManage I finally found an invoicing program that meets my needs. I can also do stock management at no extra cost and thus control my stock. The support service is always ready to help you, even with the slightest question or problem.

James Pithie

I was helped very quickly (on a Sunday) via the chat. Very nice.

Ineke Verbruggen

From the first moment we received fantastic support! Always in a very smooth and friendly way. Deserve all the praise! #top team

Benedikt Laloo

Smooth help via the chat box. Friendly employees. Ideal application to follow up on my projects and avoid administrative hassle.

Johan Veldeman

Discover the benefits
of AI

Find out below what you can do with AI in CoManage


Generate product descriptions

With our Chat-GPT integration, you can create engaging and persuasive product descriptions that attract customer attention and stimulate sales.


Rewrite content

Give your existing content a new spin with our rewording tool. Have it polish your texts or check them for spelling and grammar.

Razendsnel klantgegevens opzoeken in je CRM

Translate content

Prepare for global expansion with our advanced AI that can translate your content into various languages for effective communication with customers around the world.

CoManage Chat-GPT  

Automate your business communication

Generate email templates
Save time and effort by having our AI write email templates for you. Whether it's an invoice, a sales email, or invoice reminders - we’ve got you covered!

Create terms and conditions
The drafting of legal documents is easier than ever with our Chat-GPT integration. Drafting terms and conditions becomes a piece of cake.

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