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Bij CoManage een waaier van mogelijkheden voor je administratie    

From invoicing to time registration and clear project management.

As a company or freelancer, you want to move forward. Unfortunately, between dream and reality stands the administrative hassle that eats up your precious time. And slows down your business. But it can also be different.

Easily manage your customers in CoManage

You only need a VAT number to add a company to your CRM. CoManage automatically fills in all the other data. This way you immediately have the right data for your quotations and invoicing.

And if you already have a customer file in Excel, you can import it into your CoManage CRM with one button!

Invoice overzicht afbeelding  

From now on, invoice without error.

CoManage fills in many fields of your invoice automatically, such as the invoice and due date. Other data can be retrieved quickly with a click. (Sub)totals, VAT and discount calculations are done fully automatically.

And save you a lot of time thanks to our intuitive interface.

In CoManage you create digital invoices in minutes. The data of your customers can be retrieved with one click from the built-in CRM system. The same goes for the prices of your products or services. And all that is built into one tool.

CoManage BTW actief scherm CoManage factuurstatus scherm CoManage factuurlijnen scherm    

Project management & Time Tracking

Do you need a clear overview of all your projects where you can immediately see which quotations, invoices, costs and time registrations are linked to them? Then try project management with CoManage and gain insight into your projects!


Make a correct and professional quotation in 1-2-3!

With CoManage you can create a digital quotation in minutes. Your customers' details are retrieved with a single click from your built-in CRM system. The same goes for the prices of your products or services. Choose a template, upload your logo and you can start sending out quotations!

Met CoManage correcte offertes maken    
CoManage is helemaal op maat van kleine bedrijven en freelancers    

Totally customized for small businesses and freelancers.

Do you work alone, do you have a few employees or do you expect strong growth? CoManage works exactly to your liking.

Thanks to seamless integration with these apps, your billing runs even smoother.

These smart apps work smoothly together with CoManage. This way you can save even more time in your administration.

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Get the insight you need about all your financial data

You can manage your expenses at any time. Even on the way to, or during your meetings with your clients, you have access to all your business expenses via your smartphone. That's why in CoManage you can organize your expenses so that they perfectly reflect your business activity.

Met CoManage krijg je het nodige inzicht over al je financiële data
De CoManage support contacteren
De CoManage support contacteren

Need help? Our team is always there for you, even on weekends.

Getting stuck with your invoices or quotes? Or do you have a pressing question or request for the support team? Start a conversation via our chat, or send an email to support@comanage.me. Even on weekends and late hours, we're happy to help you out!

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