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Installation companies

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As an installation company you deal with different types of customers. For some customers you install something new, for others you repair something and for others you have a maintenance contract. In CoManage you can easily create quotes for all these customers, send invoices or even periodic invoices for maintenance and keep track of all projects. You also add products and services once and then use these on your quotations and invoices. In addition, you also easily keep track of your hours worked per customer to be able to fully bill everything to the customer.

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Very strong platform! Highly recommended.

Bob Vanderheyden

Great program! Everything is very clear and fast service if you have any questions! Recommended!! You learn to work with it very quickly and you can adjust everything to your own wishes. Very satisfied!


wonderful program to work with. the helpdesk is also very accessible and responds quickly. in 1 word TOP!

Jeroen Oostveen

I shared my problem with a Comanage employee via the chat on the online platform. A few minutes later I already had an answer. There was indeed a small bug in the software. After barely 2 days that problem was already solved with a software update, and I could continue to use the wonderful program! Great service!

Niels Maes

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Periodic invoices for maintenance contracts

Do you visit customers every quarter to do the same maintenance? Then a periodic invoice is ideal. You set the frequency of the invoice and are assured that you send out the invoice to the customer every quarter. You no longer have to worry about this.


Inventory of products

Products and stock are easily added in CoManage. Every time you create a quotation or an invoice containing products, CoManage automatically deducts them from your stock.

Razendsnel klantgegevens opzoeken in je CRM

Track hours worked per customer

In one working day there are probably several colleagues working for different customers. Then it is convenient to be able to track all hours worked for each customer. This makes invoicing afterwards an easier job.

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Functionalities for installation companies

With CoManage you have a collection of tools which make your life as an installation company easier:

Blog posts for installation companies

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