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Garden contractors

The partner for garden contractors

As a garden contractor, you have different projects per customer and therefore deal with different quotations and invoices. You often have many different products and services that you sell. In CoManage, you only need to store all these products and services once and then you can easily use them on all your quotations and invoices. Hours of all employees can be easily registered per customer and project. Short-term and long-term projects can be easily visualized in CoManage. This way, every team member knows exactly what phase a project is in and what his or her tasks are.

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From the first moment we received fantastic support! Always in a very smooth and friendly way. Deserve all the praise! #top team

Benedikt Laloo

I was helped very quickly (on a Sunday) via the chat. Very nice.

Ineke Verbruggen

I am very satisfied with Comanage. Since my company is not that big in terms of turnover, I can always count on your support with questions or problems. Thank you! Kind regards, Clean Complete

Clean Complete

Very satisfied with comanage! In the meantime, our program to carry out quotations and invoicing has been going on for more than 2.5 years. The chat application is not only easy, but you also get a clear explanation very quickly how you can get things done.
Satisfied customer,
Sbs-Pro roof & joinery

Bjorn Seuntjens

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Being able to create personalised quotes quickly

You create a different customized quote for each customer each time. Yet with CoManage, this can be done quickly by using your own template and entering products and services in advance.


Periodic invoices for maintenance contracts

Do you have an agreement with the customer to do quarterly garden maintenance? Then you don't have to create the invoice every time, just set up a periodic invoice to be sent every quarter.

Razendsnel klantgegevens opzoeken in je CRM

All tasks for one project neatly together

Every project will need some preparation and then the work starts. All these tasks can be easily tracked per project. The person responsible can also be added to the task.

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Functionalities for garden contractors

With CoManage you have a collection of tools which make your life as a garden contractor easier:

Blog posts for garden contractors

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