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Whether you advise on technical, organisational, legal, financial or scientific matters, CoManage can be the partner for your administration. You can easily send out the most professional invoices and quotes in your own branding. You can also manage a wide variety of projects in our project management functionality. And furthermore you easily keep track of how many hours you and your colleagues spend per customer or project.

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Smooth help via the chat box. Friendly employees. Ideal application to follow up on my projects and avoid administrative hassle.

Johan Veldeman

We have been a customer of CoManage for many years and I can say with certainty that their customer support team is fantastic. They are very professional and respond quickly to questions. I appreciate their dedication to providing excellent service and my experience with them has always been positive. I highly recommend this company!

De Straaljagers

Top service!

Bart Beyens

Very satisfied with comanage! In the meantime, our program to carry out quotations and invoicing has been going on for more than 2.5 years. The chat application is not only easy, but you also get a clear explanation very quickly how you can get things done.
Satisfied customer,
Sbs-Pro roof & joinery

Bjorn Seuntjens

Discover the advantages for consultancy firms

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Daily insight into the numbers

As an agency, you have several employees and several projects, so a total overview of your figures can be handy. Every month you can see how much has come in and gone out.


Keeping an eye on current projects

For every project you have preparation time, you have travel time going to and returning from appointments, you have different appointments and have to deal with deadlines. Having a clear overview of ongoing projects every day is nice.

Razendsnel klantgegevens opzoeken in je CRM

Every team member keeps track of his or her hours

Every team member can do this themselves in the tool or they can hand in the hours to the administration manager, who will fill them in. Hours are billed to the client on time or tracked per project.

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Functionalities for advice and consultancy agencies

Met CoManage you have a collection of tools which make your live as an advices and consultancy agency easier:

Blog posts for advice and consultancy agencies

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You can also watch our free Starter webinar to see the CoManage tool and if it is suited for you.

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You can use the examples in CoManage as your quotation follow up as well. The first 14 days are free!

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