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Two features aren't possible using Teamleader when compared to CoManage: unlimited management of purchase invoices/expenses and automatic scanning and processing of purchase invoices. There's also a big difference in pricing per month; CoManage is considerably less expensive. Furthermore, CoManage offers support 7 days per week whereas Teamleader does not.

CoManage vs Teamleader


Feature CoManage Teamleader
Unlimited amount of customers
Create unlimited invoices and quotes
Recurring invoices
Approve offer online
Convert approved quote to invoice / order
Unlimited products and inventory management
Bank integration
Manage unlimited purchase invoices / expenses
Scan and process purchase invoices automatically
Add attachments
Payment provider integration
Mollie / Stripe
Global shipping via print center
Use your own letterhead
iOS app
Android app
Extensive project management
Travel distance management
Time management
Multiple users possible
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Feature CoManage Teamleader
Price per month
17.5 euro / month
35 to 99 euro / month
Price per year
175 euro / year
420 euro / year
Price per extra user
7.5 euro / user
15 euro / user


Feature CoManage Teamleader
7 out of 7 support  
Support via mail
Support via online chat
Telephone support

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